The Preservation Circle is a strong group of supporters charged with four key areas of focus for the mission of CFHPA:

Advocacy - This layer of The Circle will assure that the voice of CFHPA is heard. Our causes and goals will be communicated to the appropriate members of the city, state, government or other entity as necessary.

Education - This layer of The Circle helps to enable funding towards the Preservation Circle Scholarship Program.

Outreach - This layer of The Circle will focus on the needs of the community creating a Community Profile that will determine fundraising efforts and program development.

Sustainability -  This layer of The Circle ensures that all causes, programs, outreach efforts and fundraising strategies are feasible, measureable, and sustainable.

The Preservation Circle

It takes dedication, volunteerism, commitment, and lots of planning. But a plan will remain a plan if the resources aren't in place to implement it. CFHPA appreciates the support of our loyal Preservation Circle members. Your dedication, commitment,  tireless efforts, and resources result in positive impacts for our community each day. Thank you!

Are you interested in joining The Preservation Circle? Contact our Development Office today. (409) 489-9330 or​

   2016-17 MEMBERS

CHAIRMAN'S ($7,500+)

Bobby and Ruthie Hadnot

Henry L. Hadnot

Avis L. McCray

Don and Stacey McCray

Fred and Carolyn McCray

PRESIDENT'S ($5,000 - $7,499)

Lester Renfro

LEADERS ($2,500 - $4,999)

*City of Jasper

*Exxon-Mobil VIP

​*Jasper - Lake Sam Rayburn  Chamber of Commerce

​Sandra McCray

AMBASSADORS ($1,500 - $2,499) 

Dynetro Hadnot

Valencia Hadnot

Christian McCray

​Vanessa Moore

Wanda Payton

PATRONS ($1,000 - $1,499) 

Carolyn Barnes

Jo Darby

Daniel Hadnot

George Hadnot

​Corey Renfro

BENEFACTORS ($500 - $999)

George and Ramona Adams

Willie H. King

Rochell Renfro

Deloris McGill

​Diann Williams

SUSTAINERS ($250 - $499)

Gwendolyn Bluiett

Ronald Chandler

Gene C. Filyaw

Caroline Levias

Gilbert McCray

Jim McCray

​LaMarcus McCray

​Grainger Reed

​Antoine Wright

PARTNERS ($100 - $249)
Bettie Balthazar

Charles C. Barnes

Gwendolyn Barnes

Brenda Bryant

Sherlitha Caldwell

*First Bank & Trust

Laura Popejoy Golden

Kevin Houston

The Horn Memorial

Claude Limbrick

Glorice Mays

​*Brent Meaux State Farm Insurance & Financial

Mitchel Newman

Marva Norman

*Sabine State Bank

J. P. Smith

Shana Thomas

Michelle Victor

​Vinnie Williams

FRIENDS ($50 - $99)

Osh Allen

Gene Barnes

Tymitha Barnes

Delores Lewis

Willie McFarland

​Hazel Traylor

                                        * Denotes Corporate partners

Dedication.  Commitment.  Planning.  Resources.


Community and Family Historical Preservation Association, LLC.