Retired, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development

Henry L. Hadnot graduated from G. W. Carver in 1962 as Valedictorian. He continued his education process at J. H. Rowe and Prairie View A&M University earning a BS degree in 1970. Upon graduation, Henry was hired by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (DHUD) as a Construction Analyst. Shortly after being hired, he was drafted by the US Army and served three years to include a tour of duty in South Vietnam. After being discharged (Honorably), he returned to work at DHUD Houston office and enjoyed a very successful career. He advanced to supervisory, management, and executive management positions (Chief Architect, Community Builder, Program Advisor, and Director, Single Family Housing Division) in a jurisdiction that included 35 counties in Southeast Texas. During his career advancement, Henry studied community development, management, and executive management at DePaul University and Harvard University. Henry retired from DHUD in August 2006 and worked 2 years for the City of Houston as Assistant Director, Housing and community Development Department. Henry has always been committed to helping and mentoring kids, students, and young adult employees. He served several years as a Youth Counselor for a church in Missouri City. He continues his commitment to provide positive influence to youth and young adults in various communities by stressing the 5 Bs: Be Prompt, Be Positive, Be Polite, Be Prepared, and Be Productive. He is enjoying his retirement with his two lovely daughters, grand kids, family members, god children and friends.