CFHPA Youth Mentorship Program

The CFHPA Youth Mentorship Program is open for registration NOW! Parents are encouraged to sign their youth ages K-12 up for the program. The program is held on Saturdays beginning June 8th and ends Saturday, August 10th. STEM subjects, Life Skills, summer reading, field trips and a ton of fun is in store for your child! Sign up today!

The Renovation & Preservation Fund

The Connection Center at CFHPA is the former home of the George Washington Carver Elementary School. The annual Preserving the Promise Gala will be dedicated to raising funds for keeping this historical site intact. While renovations and purchases for the upkeep of the site are needed, the overall structure of the buildings will not be changed.

CFHPA Historical Museum - Got Exhibits?

The Museum has featured four exhibits since opening its doors in 2017. Plans are to continue to grow the museum and you will love our upcoming "Exhibit Evenings".  We will feature collectibles and photos that families have either donated to us or allowed us to "borrow" for the events. Come out and socialize with your neighbors, muse over the pieces, enjoy wine and cheese, all while swaying to some good jazz music in the background.  It's just another way that CFHPA is bringing our spin on "community unity".

You have a house full of collectibles- books, stamps, coins, albums, cd's, maps, photos...etc., right?  We would love to showcase your items during "Exhibit Evenings" at CFHPA. You would just contact us at (409) 489-9330 or with your interest in collaborating with us for this fun event!

The Preservation Circle Scholarship Fund

The Community and Family Historical Preservation Association, Inc. plans to provide two educational scholarships to students who graduate from Jasper High School per year beginning in 2020. The purpose of our scholarship is to encourage educational excellence and perpetuate the Dixie Community heritage.  Also the intention is that recipients of the scholarship will give back to the community by volunteering their time and mentoring younger students in the community. Our current plans are to award two scholarships of $500 each per year.  For more details please contact us at

CFHPA Greatest Needs

While there are specific needs that CFHPA may have as indicated in the other program areas, greatest needs are unrestricted and allow donations that we receive to be placed where we need them the most at that particular time. 

Connect the Dots Summer Camp and Activity Center

Stay tuned for this much needed adventure coming to our community! CFHPA anticipates the grand opening for Connect the Dots Summer Camp and Activity Center in the Summer of 2020. More details to come!